Feelings for dolls in the hearts of Japanese people

Since ancient times, dolls have been called "Hitogata" and have a strong religious character.

Dolls such as "Amagatsu" and "Hoko" were seen from the Heian period to the Muromachi period. It was a doll.

In the Heian period, "hiina play" was a religious event that gradually became more entertaining.

The Hinamatsuri that can be seen today has been held since the early Edo period, and the shogunate has decided to celebrate by choosing "Gosekku" from the customs of the Imperial Palace.

Then, people began to pray for sickness-free illness by throwing "people" on the waterside during the Doll's Festival.

It was from this era that influential daimyo from all over the world were proud of their own dolls, so they hired excellent puppeteers to produce gorgeous dolls.

Dolls with such a strong religious element eventually became the target of entertainment for the common people, and various materials and styles were born in various places.

Even today, many Japanese dolls such as "Kabuki dolls", "Hina dolls", "Maiko", "Checkered dolls" and "Gogatsu dolls" are still alive in people's lives.

And the Japanese have a special feeling for the doll unconsciously and are deeply involved in the spiritual culture.

* "Gosekku" Renri (Nanakusa), Kamimi (Peach), Double Fifth Festival (Iris), Tanabata (Star), Double Ninth Festival (Chrysanthemum)


A Kyo doll that spins a long history.

The world-class technology and design is nothing but a handed down technique.

As a person involved in traditional crafts in Kyoto, "Kyoto Doll Miyake" is working hard every day to improve its skills.
And we will continue to provide "things that can only be done here" with the heart of craftsmen (manufacturing).

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New product "ASAGIRI" series.

The concept is

"Modern and sophisticated Hina dolls".

With a minimum like KARESANSUI garden

I want a sharp beauty.

In a size that can be displayed anywhere

The storage is also designed to be compact.


"I want you to feel closer to the Kyoto doll."


This product was developed with that in mind.


New Concept Series

Sophisticated and modern



ひな人形 名前 刺繍
ひな人形 名前 刺繍




雛人形 三段飾

​ STEP1 



​ STEP2 



​ STEP3 


雛人形 完成品

​ STEP4 


Types of Hina dolls

Seven-tiered decoration

雛人形 七段飾り

It is a gorgeous decoration with all the dolls and decorations. Each doll has a different facial expression, so you won't get tired of seeing it.

The advantage is that it is luxurious anyway. This is the way to decorate your child the most. The disadvantages are that it has a space of about one and a half tatami mats and requires some storage space.

It is recommended for those who have a relatively large space and are looking for luxury.

Three-tiered decoration

雛人形 三段飾り

It is a space-saving and lively way to decorate the king and the lady-in-waiting. There is a type to decorate on a wooden step and a type to decorate on a red sword.

The advantage of the wooden three-tiered decoration is that it is luxurious and luxurious. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the wooden steps themselves are surprisingly large and take up storage space. It also means that the wooden steps cost money. Depending on the shop, nearly half of the total price of the set may be hung on the wooden steps themselves.

The advantage of the three-tiered decoration is that it is generally calm and complements the doll. In addition, since the steps can be folded compactly, it does not take up storage space and does not cost money on the steps themselves. Therefore, if you compare a wooden three-tiered decoration with the same amount of money and the same size with a three-tiered wooden decoration, the tier itself does not cost money, so the doll with the three-tiered decoration is better.

The disadvantage is that it's a simple decoration, so it's inferior unless you combine some good dolls and tools. Therefore, if you are already choosing a decoration, I think it is better to choose something that is good to some extent.

From the above, if you are looking for luxury, we recommend the wooden three-tiered decoration, and if you want to improve the doll itself, we recommend the Mosen three-tiered decoration.

Imperial prince decoration

雛人形 親王飾り

It is a way to decorate the two parents elegantly. Since the prince stands out, I would like to choose a doll that is as solid as possible, not to mention the decorations around it. Some are as luxurious as the seven-tiered decoration.

The advantage is that it requires less space to decorate. Naturally, the storage fits compactly. Also, since the number of dolls is small, you can choose dolls with better costumes and tailoring than the step decorations for the same amount of money.

The disadvantage is that the number of dolls is smaller than that of the stepped decorations, but recently it has been increasing due to the housing situation.

Recommended for those who like a calm atmosphere.

Storage box decoration

雛人形 収納飾り

It is a decoration method that has appeared very recently, and the doll's display stand itself becomes a storage box. The advantage is that it basically fits in one box, so it fits neatly. Also, it fits in one box like a doll in a glass case, but it is easy to handle because it does not use glass.

The disadvantage is that the display stand is large, so the stand itself costs money. It also means that it requires about the same amount of storage space as the prince decoration of the same size.

However, the three-tiered decoration for storage has a large number of dolls and tools to put inside, and it is easily damaged (when putting a doll in the storage box, do not use the doll box, but put it in a bag). Need to be careful.

Hina doll decoration in a case

雛人形 ガラスケース飾り

Hina doll decoration that fits in the case. The advantage is that it doesn't take time to decorate.

The disadvantage is that it has a surprising storage space. This is because the case is put away as it is, so a minimum storage space for the case is required.

If it is the same size, the decoration without a case can be folded, so it requires less storage space. Also, since it uses glass, you need to be careful when handling it.

Wood grain doll decoration

雛人形 木目込み飾り

It is a doll made by pasting fabric on a wooden pattern in the shape of a doll. It is a doll that is made differently from a doll wearing a costume and requires a different technique, and has a different atmosphere from a doll wearing a costume.

Generally, this formula uses a body made of paulownia, which is called paulownia plastic (lie). Although it lacks glitz, it is recommended for those who like the atmosphere of an adult.

About Hina doll decoration tools

Folding screen

雛人形 屏風

First of all, the shape of the folding screen is divided into six folding screens and three folding screens. The six-fold folding screen has a wavy shape that is often seen at weddings, and is a doll-like folding screen. However, it takes a little depth. The Sankyoku folding screen is a folding screen with a flat back, which is suitable for painting and does not take depth.

In the olden days, gold folding screens were the most common folding screens for Hina dolls, but nowadays many of them have various pictures. Most of the painting methods are usually printed, but there are a wide variety of painting methods, including embroidered ones, gold paintings, and hand-painted paintings by professionals.

However, if you get lost, we recommend a gold folding screen or a simple painting that complements the doll.

Snow cave (bonbori)

雛人形 雪洞

Snow caves are mainly divided into wooden ones and plastic ones. I think it is better to choose a wooden cave as much as possible. This is because many wooden ones are made by decent craftsmen and have a good texture. Recently, cordless snow caves with dry battery specifications using LEDs have become widespread.


雛人形 御殿花

In the case of Kansai, so-called "Sakura and Tachibana" are common for Gotenbana, but in the case of Kanto, there is also a way to decorate "Red plum white plum", and recently it has gradually spread to Kansai.

Assortment of tools

雛人形 菱餅三方

Many of the tools are still painted with gold on top of traditional lacquer, but there are also various colors that match the color of the folding screen.

Various decorative tools are now available to suit the tastes of customers and housing conditions. There is also a completely Western-style decoration inside. However, it is better to choose not only dolls but also the decorations around them that are as solid as possible.