Manufacture and sale of Kyoto dolls
"Kyoto dolls Miyake"

雛人形 あさぎり 白
ひな人形 ここのえ

A Kyo doll that spins a long history.

The world-class technology and design is nothing but a handed down technique.

As a person involved in traditional crafts in Kyoto, "Kyoto Doll Miyake" is working hard every day to improve its skills.
And we will continue to provide "things that can only be done here" with the heart of craftsmen (manufacturing).

IMG_6985 copy.png

New product "ASAGIRI" series.

The concept is

"Modern and sophisticated Hina dolls".

With a minimum like KARESANSUI garden

I want a sharp beauty.

In a size that can be displayed anywhere

The storage is also designed to be compact.


"I want you to feel closer to the Kyoto doll."


This product was developed with that in mind.


New Concept Series

Sophisticated and modern

​新 製 品


​「 HARUKAZE 」シリーズは、新しいコンセプトの五月人形です。

五月人形 おぼこ HARUKAZE

As much as possible

We make dolls in a small workshop using the traditional process of making Kyo dolls. We are responsible for delivering it to our customers.
There is a limit to the number of products that can be produced, and mass production is not possible.
Pursue credit, not numbers.
I believe that the smiles of our customers are ahead of good works.

What we want to inherit

The times are constantly changing

New dolls, materials and manufacturing methods will be born.
"Tradition is a series of innovations."
Things that change, things that must be protected.
Sharpen your sensibility and put your skills into it.
While studying the design required in modern times,
We follow the old-fashioned manufacturing method.

二世 三宅玄祥

Hina doll

Hina dolls that will be close to your children and grandchildren for the rest of their lives. Please take a leisurely look at your face and kimono in the store, which changes its expression depending on the season, and find your favorite doll. We also support detailed customization such as decorations, decorations, combinations of kimono and face.


Gogatsu doll

May dolls have a variety of products, mainly helmet decorations and armor decorations. We also support detailed customization such as decorations and decorations, so please be assured that you will be satisfied with the items of your child's life.


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​Samurai Armor Bag

Since its founding, we have been involved in the manufacture of Kyo dolls, but we started developing Japanese miscellaneous goods in 2007 and announced the "Samurai Armor Bag" in Paris in 2013. We have developed it with the desire to convey the wonderful charm of Japanese traditional culture and traditional crafts to many people by utilizing the production technology of "Kyo ningyo", which is a traditional Japanese craft. (Design registered)

samurai bag armor
samurai bag armor

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samurai bag 1
samurai bag 1

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samurai bag 5
samurai bag 5

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samurai bag armor
samurai bag armor

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