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五月人形 鎧

The fruit of the aesthetic sense of a military commander who lived strongly through a turbulent history.

Origin of the Gogatsu doll

The Tango no Sekku originated in ancient China, where irises were used to pray for health and warding off evil.

Since the irises are familiar to Shobu and Takeshi, they have spread to the Japanese samurai society, and eventually they have been adopted by the townspeople. And when a boy was born, as a celebration, he began to decorate armor helmets as a symbol of Takeshi and carp streamers in hopes of success.

The samurai's dressed armor is full of dignity and strength.

The Gogatsu doll celebrates the birth of a boy and is filled with the warm love of parents who wish for strong and healthy growth.

​新 製 品


​「 HARUKAZE 」シリーズは、新しいコンセプトの五月人形です。

五月人形 兜飾り
五月人形 子供大将飾り

​New Concept Series


​Contemporary Style

五月人形 兜飾り
五月人形 兜飾り

Types of Gogatsu dolls

Three-tiered armor

五月人形 鎧 段飾り

The way to decorate the whole body is called armor decoration.

The three-tiered armor decoration is a gorgeous way to decorate the armor with decorations such as military fan hats and drums, chimaki and kashiwa mochi.

In addition, we may light a carp streamer or bonfire for indoor use.

Recommended for those who have plenty of space and prefer luxurious decorations.

Armor flat decoration

五月人形 鎧 平飾り

How to decorate armor, folding screens, bow swords, and lanterns.

The body of the armor fits entirely in a box called Karato, where the armor sits, so it doesn't take up much storage space for its appearance.

It is the most common way to decorate armor, and its height makes it a luxurious decoration.

Recently, compact armor decorations that can be displayed on the sideboard have also appeared.

Armor stilt decoration

五月人形 鎧 高床台飾り

It is a decoration method with a display stand (mostly wooden) under the armor decoration.

Because it is tall, you can decorate it luxuriously. Recommended for those who decorate directly from the floor.

Kabuto decoration

五月人形 兜平飾り

The way to decorate the head of the armor is called a KABUTO decoration. It is a way to decorate a helmet with a folding screen and a bow sword.

There are various sizes, from compact to large. Recommended for those who want a neat decoration.

Oboko general / children general decoration

五月人形 おぼこ大将

A doll with armor on it is called a TAISYO decoration.

Many of them have the face of a child, and although it cannot be said unconditionally, the one with this type is often called the general boss, and the one with the short form is often called the general child.

There are various ranks depending on the quality of the armor and the face.

It has a face, so it is recommended for those who want to decorate it cutely and compactly.

KABUTO decoration in a case

五月人形 ケース入り兜

It is a KABUTO decoration that the Kabuto fits in the case. The advantage is that it doesn't take time to decorate.

The disadvantage is that it has a surprising storage space.

Because the case is put away as it is, the storage space for the case is required at least.

If it is the same size, the decoration without a case can be folded, so it requires less storage space.

Also, since it uses glass, care must be taken when handling it.

About tools for Gogatsu doll decoration

Folding screen

五月人形 屏風

Generally, the shape of the folding screen is divided into four folding screens and two folding screens. The four-fold folding screen is a "U" -shaped folding screen that you often see, and it looks like a Gogatsu doll. The two-fold folding screen is a "K" -shaped folding screen that takes a little depth but does not take a frontage.

Folding screens include wooden frame folding screens, upholstered folding screens, and black-painted folding screens. The wooden frame folding screen is not torn and is light in weight. Upholstered folding screens are characterized by being light and classic. The black-painted folding screen has a profound feeling and a calm impression. Which one is better is different from each other, so I don't think it can be said unconditionally.

In the olden days, gold folding screens were the most common folding screens for Gogatsu dolls, but nowadays many of them have various paintings. There are a wide variety of painting methods, including printed ones, embroidery, gold painting, and hand-painted paintings by professionals.

Bow sword 

五月人形 弓太刀

The bow sword has come to be displayed on both sides of the Gogatsu doll body because it is meant to protect one's body and the house. There are various materials for the bow sword body, from plastic to bamboo. The taste of the product differs depending on the material of the string, pedestal, and sword handle.


五月人形 提灯

Lanterns are called "Jinya Thyouchin" and are often attached to armor decorations in festival decorations. Recently, the number of armor decorations that are simply displayed without lanterns has increased.

In most cases, we will put the family crest of the house to be displayed on the lantern. Recently, the family crest sticker is often attached, but it may come off while decorating, so it is recommended to put the family crest by hand as much as possible.

Drum, war fan, jinkasa

五月人形 太鼓 軍扇 陣笠
五月人形 三方揃い

In the case of step decorations, we will decorate the three-sided set with kashiwa mochi and chimaki on the table, drums, and war fan hats. You may also add a bonfire or a small carp streamer.

Successful horse, papier-mache tiger

五月人形 張り子虎
五月人形 飾馬

The tiger decorates it in the hope of amulets.

Most of them are called papier-mâché tigers, which are made by laminating multiple layers of paper to form a tiger, and then hand-painting them.

Horses are called successful horses, and white horses are common.

This is because in the olden days, Hakuba was precious and only a successful samurai could ride it. For this reason, I started to decorate my child's career.

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